Red Cross Needs Donors

Red Cross Needs Donors

Red Cross reaching out to people for blood donations.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- The Red Cross is in critical need of blood donors and today they got some much needed help at the American Taekwondo Association's competition.

Red Cross made an emergency appeal for donors last week.

The organization says they suffer from shortages in the summer because kids are out of school and families are on vacation so people just  don't think about donating.

To fill the void, they set up at the Statehouse Convention Center where thousands of kids competed in Taekwondo today.

One woman called donating blood easy.

Sara Rieselbach said, "You just sit there for a little while, they make great conversation and you just squeeze a little ball a few times and your done."

The Red Cross needs all blood types but they're especially wanting all negative types and O positive.

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