Relocate Pegasus Pipeline, Arkansas Congressman Griffin Urges Exxon

Relocate Pegasus Pipeline, Arkansas Congressman Griffin Urges Exxon

State's Second District representative sends letter to oil company CEO.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - While the cleanup goes on in Mayflower, Oil giant ExxonMobil is being urged to relocate a section of its Pegasus pipeline.

A burst in that pipeline March 29th sent thousands of gallons of heavy crude spilling into the Northwoods subdivision and the surrounding area not far from Lake Conway.

Congressman Tim Griffin has sent a letter to Rex Tillerson, the chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil Corporation, urging the company to support the Central Arkansas Water (CAW) utility’s request to relocate a section of the Pegasus pipeline.

Here is an excerpt from Griffin's letter:
“I am monitoring ExxonMobil’s ongoing cleanup efforts of the Pegasus Pipeline oil spill that occurred in Mayflower, Arkansas, on March 29, 2013, and I am confident that a complete and thorough investigation will determine the cause of the accident.  We must do all we can to prevent accidents like this from happening, and I remain committed to ensuring that the concerns of the residents of Mayflower are addressed truthfully and fairly…. Currently, the Pegasus Pipeline runs through about 13 miles of the Lake Maumelle watershed and also crosses some of the lake’s tributaries.  I am especially concerned that the steepness of the shoreline at Lake Maumelle could exacerbate contamination of the water supply in the event of an oil spill and make cleanup more difficult…. I urge ExxonMobil to develop and implement CAW’s request and work to provide an effective plan to relocate the pipeline.”

Click here to read the entire letter.
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