Residents Concerned About Abandoned Homes

Residents Concerned About Abandoned Homes

A man living near the University says one of their properties is causing problems in his neighborhood.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- David Cardwell lives near the University of Arkansas Little Rock.

He says a nearby home, on Filmore, has been an eyesore since the University bought the property in 2004 and it's getting worse.

Cardwell said, "It's wasting away."

His main concern is that the rundown, empty home will bring down his property value and bring up crime.

It's easy to get inside through a window or even the back door and right now you can look inside the home and see someone is trying to make it their temporary shelter.

Cardwell said, "If they want to have a crack house here, it's awfully convenient.

At the University, a group of people met this afternoon to talk about safety issues just like this.

Jeff Walker, Chair of the Safety Committee, said, "The University is very committed to the surrounding area."

Walker says the University bought several run down homes and planned to fix them up for students and staff.

He said, "With budget constraints, especially with everything going on in the past two years, you're able to buy the house and we have these renovation plans, but we have no money."

So the University had good intentions, but right now with money tight, some of the homes they bought will continue to sit empty.

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