Rough morning commutes despite preparation

Rough morning commutes despite preparation

Snow and weather related accidents caused major delays for the morning commute into Little Rock this morning.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Most people like to drive 70MPH during the morning commute.  On Wednesday morning, traffic crawled and even stopped on many of the state's busiest roads.

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"People were caught a little bit off guard. They didn't plan ahead. They didn't adjust their commute times," said Randy Ort, spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

Ort said weather tricked a lot of people. When drivers saw no ice on the roads, they cruised like business as usual.

"Then when they get to a bridge or overpass that's where you've got ice patches, you've people hitting their brakes," said Ort. 

Then came the wrecks.

"Once you've got one accident, even if it only involves one vehicle, it's going to effect thousands of other cars,"' said Ort.

Road crews came in overnight to treat the roads, particularly the bridges and overpasses, which tend to freeze over.

But it may have seemed their work went in vain.

"When you see events transpire like you saw took place this morning, multiple accidents and things getting tied up, it's frustrating for the workers that have been out there trying to keep that from happening," said Ort.

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