Saline County dealing with vicious dog issue

A Saline County resident wants a new plan for dealing with vicious animals after she says a pit bull attacked and killed her dog. The sheriff is doing what he can, but there is no where to take the dogs.
One Saline County woman wants a new plan for dealing with vicious animals after she says a pit bull attacked and killed her dog. Although the sheriff is doing what he can to deal with the animal problem, there is no place to take vicious animals in Saline County.  In an attempt to help, he is trying to work out a deal with the Benton Animal Shelter to house its vicious animals.

"I heard the animals cry and I keep flashing back and seeing Rusty and the fear in his eyes," said Dian Burger.

Burger says her neighbor's pit bull came into the yard of her Saline County home and attacked her 10-year-old daschund Rusty Friday night.

She said, "I was holding him when he died and it was very hard."

The vet had to euthanize Rusty the next day.

But Burger thinks this didn't have to happen. She called the sheriff's office early Friday after she says the pit bull charged after her. Under the county's vicious animal ordinance, dogs considered to be dangerous should be quarantined for 10 days. But the county has no place to take the dogs.

"It could just as easily have been a child, and we have many children that play in our neighborhood," Burger said.

Sheriff Bruce Pennington wants to put a deputy in charge of animal control and bring the animals to the Benton Animal Shelter. The county would provide inmates to help clean the facility in return. But Benton and Saline County officials still must agree on the plan.

Sheriff Pennington said, "This is probably a band aid fixed to a bleeding artery, but it's something we've never had and its something that would prevent this from happening."

There's no timeline on when the sheriff's plan may happen.

Incidentally FOX16 talked to the neighbor about the situation. He says he doesn't believe his pit bull did this but he sent it away to someone else's house anyway. The sheriff did issue him a citation for violation of the vicious animal ordinance and a judge will decide what happens to the dog.
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