Scam Hits Wallets of Victims in South Arkansas

One south Arkansas county seems to have found itself at the center of recent scams.
DREW COUNTY, AR - One south Arkansas county seems to have found itself at the center of recent scams.

The Drew County Sheriffs Office is warning people there to watch out for elaborate schemes convincing you to send money.

They've had multiple reports just this week. One woman's bank caught the scam when the 'scammers' tried to withdraw over $6,400 after she had already sent a check.

Because these scams are so hard to stop they only  hope people can learn from the mistakes of others, some of whom thought they had no other choice but to pay up.

Louise Sipes undoubtedly cares for her friends and family.

"If you could do anything to help you would certainly do it," she said.

It's the reason she found herself a target of a Drew County scam.

Her phone rang one day. The caller had an elaborate scheme, in short, claiming her grandson and a friend were in jail and needed money to get out.

"They only asked for $200," Sipes said. "So I carried it to Piggly-Wiggly because it sounded just like my grandson."

This wasn't the first and hasn't been the last time Chief Deputy Robin Hood has seen a scam in his town.

His most recent, the caller claiming the person had won over a million dollars. Of course however, the caller needed money first.

"So she [sent] $750 thinking she had actually won."

Adding to Chief Deputy Hoods frustration: knowing the thieves preying on his county are near impossible to catch.

The only advise he has is to just don't send money.

"You're never gonna get anything back in return for it."

If you doubt it, whether you think it will turn into a million dollars or get your grandson out jail, just ask someone.

Or hope someone may be looking out for you.

"I'm so thankful for the girls at Piggly-Wiggly," Sipes explained. They questioned what was going on and held her check for Sipes until they figured out it was a scam.

The Attorney General's office just sent out a warning about scams like these asking targeted people to contact them so they can investigate each case.

You can reach out to them by clicking here.
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