Scam Leads State To Strip Jacksonville Contractor's License

Scam Leads State To Strip Jacksonville Contractor's License

Northstar Consultants can no longer build homes.
LITTLE ROCK, AR--  Two developments Wednesday surrounding the case of an 89-year-old woman claiming she lost $57,000 for a home rebuild that was never completed.

The Arkansas Contractor's Licensing Board stripped the building contractor of its license. The board  also made public a document stating Jacksonville Water Commissioner Joy Kinman lied on the reference form for the contractor.

Gretchen Madison says she paid Northstar consultants $57,000 to rebuild her home which is not complete.

"I can't believe people will outright lie," said Madison.

Before the board Wednesday, Northstar operator Robert Walker appeared apologetic and ready to surrender his license.

"I'm trying to get out. This is a nightmare for me," said Walker.

The board did vote to take away Northstar's license.
"You are the type of person this board is trying protect the general public against.," said member Billy Bunn.

The board also made public Walker's mother, Jacksonville Water Commissioner Joy Kinman, checked "no" on Northstar's reference form when asked whether she was related to any of the owners or workers.

"That was an oversight on my behalf," said Walker.

Kinman gave a statement to FOX16 in reference to what happened.

"If I marked a box in error, it was an error. I made a mistake. I can't undo that," said Kinman.

At this point, it is not clear whether Kinman will face charges or punishment. The board's attorney says she will review their options.

Walker says he is sorry for what happened, but he is a victim too.

He says his former Northstar business partner, Marcus Dupree, signed walker's name on the contractor license renewal application without his knowledge.

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