Scrap Dealers See Fewer Criminals Selling Metals

Scrap Dealers See Fewer Criminals Selling Metals

Little Rock recycling companies see a drop in shady metal sales.
Scrap metal dealers say new laws are cutting down the number of criminals cashing in on stolen goods.

In 2011, in addition to requiring identification cards, salvage yards became required to ask sellers for written documentation on where the metals are coming from. Since then owners say they've seen a significant drop in criminals trying to slide through.

Sol Alman Recycling Owner Larry Alman said, "We had so many people who would come off the streets with fake IDs,  it's made a big difference for us."

Alman says he sends all of the registratio information to the Leads Online database so law enforcement can stay plugged in. He added that during the last legislative session lawmakers approved a new law that will require companies to register as official recycling centers so that law enforcement can monitor them easier.

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