Search for Missing Fisherman Continues

Search for Missing Fisherman Continues

This is day 2 of the search for Mark Russell.

FAULKNER COUNTY, AR - David Russell goes out to the Arkansas River often searching for bass.

But this trip on the water, he's looking for his brother Mark, whom he believes drowned.

"He knew how to run a boat. I think running a boat at night isn't safe, especially by yourself," David Russell said.

Russell said his brother always fished for catfish at night.  But Tuesday night at the Cadron Settlement Park would be his last.  Mark Russell's wife reported him missing after her husband didn't return home.

Police found Russell's boat -- even his truck and trailer -- but not him.

"We know this river, but it could happen to anybody, no matter how much you know of anything," Russell said.

Game and Fish wardens plan to spend a lot of time on the river.  But they said the recovery could have been prevented.

Agents found Russell's only life jacket on the boat.

"The [Russell] brothers have said our dad beat it into us to wear our life jackets, use spot lights at nights. Apparently he didn't, " said Ross Spurlock, one of the wardens.

As for David Russell, he won't dwell on what ifs. His focus is staying on the river until he gets his brother back on shore.

"I'll be out here 'til daylight hits, or dark, so we'll eventually find him," Russell said.

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