Search for the million dollar winner

Search for the million dollar winner

The search is on for the owner of the lucky $1,000,000 MegaMillions ticket.

All day Wednesday, the SuperStop gas station on Crystal Hills Road was packed with lottery ticket buyers hoping the store's luck will run off on them.

The store will claim $10,000 once the million dollar MegaMillions winner comes forward to claim their check with the Arkansas Lottery Commission.

The SuperStop clerk says he usually sells around 50 tickets a day, but ever since word got out the million dollar ticket was sold at his store, that number has doubled. 

People at the Lottery Commission are also axiously awaiting the million dollar winner's cash-in, but officials say it could take some time.  Many don't even check their numbers until days after the drawing and the Commission will close early for the holiday on Friday so the winner may have to wait until the New Year.

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