Senator Pryor Says He Would Look at Another Proposal on Background checks for Guns

The Senator addressed the issue at the Delta Caucus Conference in Little Rock.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- Senator Mark Pryor says he would look at another proposal on universal background checks for guns.

Pryor voted against a bill last month that would have strengthened background checks.

Speaking at the Delta Caucus Conference in Little Rock on Friday, Pryor says he did not support the failed proposal, which was put together by two Senators, called the Manchin Toomey Option.

Pryot did vote for a separate gun control option, put forward by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

 "Look, I don't know if this is going to happen but there's some discussion of taking best part of (the)Grassley(proposal) and Manchin Toomey and put something together.

They may happen. 

If someone wants to put something together I will look at it and I'll make a judgement based on what they put together."

A New York Times poll released this week says 59-percent of Americans are unhappy with the Senate Vote that defeated the increased handgun background checks proposal.

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