Sex Trafficking Victim Encourages Teens to Join the Fight

Sex Trafficking Victim Encourages Teens to Join the Fight

Teens plan for a fundraiser to raise awareness about sex trafficking.
HEBER SPRINGS, AR -- A group of Heber Springs teens just joined the fight against sex trafficking.

This happened after they heard the personal story of a woman who lived the nightmare of sex trafficking.

Kathy Bryan said, "There was another man there and the two of them brutalized me for several hours."

Bryan was just 15-years-old when she became a victim of sex trafficking.

It was a part of her life for two miserable years.

After the group of kids -- with Teen Recruiters -- heard her story of survival, they wanted to help raise awareness and let their friends know they too can become a victim.

16-year-old Shelby Burrow said, "Not a lot of people know about it and it happens here and no one thinks about it happening in a small community. So, it's good to know how to get out of it, if you're in that situation."

To raise awareness, the kids helped organize an event called Skate for Freedom in Heber Springs.

As the name implies, there will be skateboarders performing, there will also be music and food.

The event will happen Saturday, August 10th at Spring Park in Heber Springs.

All donations will go to a local non-profit working to educate people about sex trafficking.

Some of the sponsors for the event are GhettoWorks Marine, Shuttered Image, Swiss BMX and Parker Heating and Air.

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