Sherwood Jail Inmate Dies in Police Custody

Sherwood Jail Inmate Dies in Police Custody

Sherwood police confirm a man died after a health emergency at the jail.
Sherwood police confirm a Central Arkansas man died hours after police arrested him and his wife Friday.

Monday the police released a statement saying Don Jackson had a medical emergency before he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. His wife Shameka was just feet away throughout the entire ordeal.

It all started when police stopped the Jacksons on the highway over for a traffic violation. Shameka Jackson says the situation escalated when police asked her husband, Don, to get out of the vehicle.

"Step out the car, he reached to unlock the seat belt, before he could unlock it, they ripped him out the car, my seat belt is torn," she says.

While pointing to the broken buckle, Jackson claimed things got even worse.

"I see them out the corner punching him, kicking him" she claims.

She says they were both arrested and brought to the Sherwood Police Department where they could talk through their holding cells.

Jackson says she remembers her husband saying,"Meka?"

She says they talked back and forth saying, "Yeah babe, you OK? I'm fine. He's like 'I love you,' I love you too. I prayed."

Then she says she heard more voices.

"They said, 'having a seizure, he's having a seizure. We need some medical attention back here guys," Jackson recalls.

She says she didn't know it was her husband until she heard police say, "Mr. Jackson" and she saw her husband unresponsive on a stretcher.

"They had his right hand cuffed to the bed, he had on underwear, his socks, his shoes and the shirt I got out for him," she says.

Hours later, the father of her children was pronounced dead at the hospital. Now, she and her family are fighting for answers, trying to learn what led up to his death.

Jackson's body has been sent to the state crime lab.

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