Shooting Suspect's Mom Gathers Records to Fight Murder Charge

A murder suspect's mother claims she has proof her son is innocent.

A Central Arkansas mother is fighting to clear her son's name while he sits in jail for murder.

Janice Lee says she has been talking to witnesses, gathering phone records and piecing together her own case, hoping  to vindicate her son, Deontae Fulton. Fulton is facing first degree murder charges in the shooting death of Juan Reyes.

Monday Lee showed a stack of bank and text message logs  that show how she's been keeping up with her son, hour by hour since he was a kid, diagnosed with ADHD.

 "If D didn't have that disability, I wouldn't be that worried," says Lee.

 Now Fulton is in jail, facing a murder charge and Lee is hoping years of keeping tabs on him will be the proof she needs to get him out.

 "I've been going through this a long time, people accusing D of doing things, I have to go and find evidence myself," she says.

This time she's piecing together where he was Saturday June 1st, 2013.  That day, police responded to the 3000 block of Katherine Street where authorities found Juan Reyes dead from gunshot wound in front of a home. Police reports indicate witnesses say they heard gunfire, but  there were no eyewitnesses to the crime.

Nearly six weeks later police took their suspected killer, Deontae Fulton, into custody.

His mother argues he wasn't in Southwest Little Rock that night, but instead just leaving her apartment. 

" I know D was there. I know who D was with, I  know who he spent the night with. I know D is not the kind of person to hurt somebody like that," she says.

 Police responded to the scene of the shooting at 10:25 pm Saturday. Lee says her son was at her house, too far from the scene of the crime,  until about 10:15 that night.

"I was cooking a burger and D came by," she says, arguing he could not have made it to the address in the rainy weather in that amount of time.

Now she's trying to get the publics help to push investigators to take another look at the case by starting a petition on

"I'm trying to get Deontae where he can stand on his own two feet, this is a long battle. All I want to do is make sure you all get the right person," says Lee.

The suspect's mother says, she has witnesses who saw Fulton during the time of the shooting, away from the scene. The victim in this case, Juan Reyes, was dating the suspect's ex-girlfriend and some people believe  jealousy may have been part of the motive.

Fox 16 News reached out to police and prosecutors for comment. They are not saying much about the details of Fulton's arrest, but they had to have probable cause to arrest him. He's in the Pulaski County Detention Center on a $200,000 bond.


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