Snake In Texarkana Park

People on look out for snakes while visiting park in Texarkana
LITTLE ROCK ,AR-Visitors at Texarkana's Bobby Ferguson Park are seeing some unwelcome guests.

Snakes are slithering their way around the area.

Ronnie Mills and his wife enjoy the park often.

"We come out here just to relax more or less. While we relax, we fish too."

But as they sit and watch the kids, turtles, and ducks, lately snakes have caught their eyes.

"I've seen a bunch here. Anywhere from 3-6 feet long. Mostly in the water, they're not on the ground. The majority may be Water Snakes, but there are Water Moccasins too."

They may not bother Mills, but he's worried about other park goers, especially youth.

"I mean, as long as I can see them and I know where they're at. I just hope they watch for snakes while the kids are fishing."

In the past four weeks, the city has received multiple calls from concerned citizens reporting sightings of these slithery creatures.

While it's concerning they're being spotted in a public place, officials say not to worry about it.

"The few snakes we have here are Diamondback Water Snakes," said Park Superintendent Ross Cowling. "They're non-poisonous snakes, they typically have a diamond pattern on their back, and they're small in diameter."

Nonetheless, the city is doing what they can to help.

"We're working with the Game and Fish Department to get rid of them. We sprayed this week around the pond."

And poisonous or not, he asks that people stay alert.

"If you see a snake, stay away from it. It doesn't matter what type, as long as you stay awa, you'll be alright.

Which means your park experience will be a snake-free one.

No incidents have been reported with the snakes, but officials will continue to try and remove the reptiles.

They stress the park is and will always be a safe place to anyone.
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