Special Report: Bicycle Man

Special Report: Bicycle Man

A Little Rock man is making dreams come true for kids all across the state. And he's doing it one bike at a time.
At some point in time, you come across someone or something that has a profound impact on your life.

Maybe it was someone you heard speak, a story you read or possibly even a news story you saw on TV.

For one Little Rock man, that life changing moment came three years ago, and since then, he’s devoted most of his time and energy unconditionally to helping kids across the state have an experience that most of us take for granted.

There’s no fancy business logo, or bright neon “OPEN” sign. In fact, if you drive by it, you wouldn’t even know it exists. But behind these walls, dreams come true for hundreds of kids.

Ron King has a passion for bikes.

"I remember my first bike,” King says. “I was a kid, probably 8, 10 years old something like that. I got it for Christmas."

The freedom and excitement he felt that day is still very much a part of him today. But he had no idea his life would change dramatically after watching a news story about Little Rock Police Officers giving kids in need their unclaimed bikes.

“Sitting there watching that story…it was just before Christmas one year and I thought, you know, that would be…what a great idea.” King says.

So he decided right then and there to buy 100 used bikes for no more than $25 each.

"You know, $2,500 to make 100 kids happy... that seems like a good deal."

His first purchase was a light blue and purple bike with training wheels.

"Then I started telling people, friends, contacts, business contacts... what I was doing and suddenly people started saying hey, you know, I got an old bike that I'd be glad to let you have."
And word sped faster than a racing bike.

"Within about three months, I had over 400 bikes."

Over the next several months, with the help of countless volunteers, every bike was restored. But then King had to figure out who to give them to.

"[I] contacted some churches to see if they were interested in taking some of them and had quite a few responses," King said.

"Ron called us I think and said he had a ministry of blessing kids with bikes and I thought he was talking about two or three bikes and I go over there and there's like a hundred bikes stacked in over there, ya know."

With the help of Friendly Chapel, and several others, King gave away more than 300 bikes in the first year – and still had 100 left over.
"So it was one of those things I couldn't turn loose."

Now, three years later, new, unused and unwanted bikes come to him.
"Now we'll fix them up and send them to some kids."

A magical moment that surprisingly, King doesn’t often see.

"As a matter of fact, most bikes, I don't know where they end up. They go out, they come in…one or two at a time and they go out 25, 30 at a time."

"He does all the work and I get all the enjoyment," Pastor Holderfield says.

This time, it’s different. Ron, along with Pastor Holderfield are delivering two special bikes for two special kids.

After a short wait, six-year-old birthday girl Keziah and her nine-year-old brother Ke-Nell appear…and the magic begins.

"Can you ride a bike? Let's see."

In a flash, Keziah takes off. And her brother isn’t far behind.

Ron King did eventually come up with a name for his non-profit organization.

It’s simply called Recycle Bikes for Kids.

And if you have an unwanted or unused bike that you want to donate, Ron would be more than happy to take it. Time permitting – he may even come to pick it up.

If you would like to help, you can e-mail him at recyclebikesforkids@gmail.com, or call him 501-952-4581.
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