Springdale Airport is State's Third Largest

Springdale Airport is State's Third Largest

A look at what makes the facility unique.
If you're not looking for the entrance to the Springdale Airport, you may miss it.

It's about a hundred yards off Powell street, and from the front it's quiet and calm. But bustling in the back is the state's third largest airport, based on the number of planes.

"At the Springdale airport we actually have about 20 businesses based here," says Dave Powell, the owner of Summit Aviation. "And of that, a survey showed about 250 employees that generate their income off the airport. So it's a really good airport to be a part of."

With around 150 planes on the property, the Springdale airport is truly unique to Northwest Arkansas.

"Having 20 plus businesses on the field that are commercial operations is really different from most airports in town," explains Powell. "So we're a very viable airport."

Michael Graves, a flight instructor with Summit Aviation, took us up in a Cesna 172 to "tear up the skies a little bit."

From above the city where over 70-thousand call home, the landmarks stand out. From staples like Parsons Stadium and the original high school on the east side of town, to new addtions like Harber High School and Arvest Stadium on the west side.

While flying over my hometown was a thrill, for Michael it doesn't matter which city he's above, just as long as he's up in the air.

"I just really love flying. You could put me anywhere and as long as I'm in an airplane I'm pretty happy," he says.

Fly above Springdale and it's easy to see the city, like the airport itself, is unique to Northwest Arkansas.

"You come to the airport, you can enjoy lunch or dinner upstairs," says Powell. "You can learn to fly. You can travel from here to a destination. It's just a fun place."

If you're looking to learn how to fly you can contact Summit Aviation.

And don't forget to check out the new Flaps Down Grill restaurant while you're there. It serves only Arkansas-based beer, and it's planning to expand with a deck overlooking the runway.

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Brad Reed, Fox 24 News - Fayetteville
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