Springdale Ranked in Top 10 of Most Affordable U.S. Cities

Springdale Ranked in Top 10 of Most Affordable U.S. Cities

Harlingen, Texas is number one on list of least expensive metro areas.
An annual cost of living study ranks the Springdale Metro in its top 10 list measuring affordability.
The year-end report for 2012 that ranks the most expensive and most affordable metros in the country lists Springdale as the sixth most affordable in the county. This is the second straight year Springdale has made the Top 10.

The ranking, conducted by the Council for Community and Economic Research, measures regional differences in the cost of  various goods and services.

They compile more than 50,000 prices across close to 60 different items three times a year.

The index is based on the costs of housing, utilities, grocery items, transportation, health care and miscellaneous goods and services.

Harlingen, TX was listed as the nation's most affordable metro. The cities of Norman and Ardmore in Oklahoma also made the top 5.

The Brooklyn and Manhattan Boroughs of New York were listed as the two most expensive metros in the country. Queens also made the top ten list of least affordable metros, ranking sixth.

Least Expensive Metros:
 1. Harlingen, TX
 2. McAllen, TX
 3. Norman, OK
 4. Ardmore, OK
 5. Memphis, TN
 7. Wichita Falls, TX
 8. Muskogee, OK
 9. Pueblo, CO
10. Ashland, OH

Most Expensive Metros:
 1. New York (Manhattan), NY
 2. New York (Brooklyn), NY
 3. Honolulu, HI
 4. San Francisco, CA
 5. San Jose, CA
 6. New York (Queens), NY
 7. Stamford, CT
 8. Washington DC
 9. Orange County, CA
10. Boston, MA

Click here for more information on the method used to design the index.
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