Student arrested at high school on rape charges

Student arrested at high school on rape charges

A student was arrested and charged with one count of rape Wednesday morning for an alleged sexual assault that happened at the North Little Rock High School West Campus.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR - A North Little Rock High School student faces a rape charge after a fellow student went to police saying the teen attacked her in a classroom.

North Little Rock Police tell us Deandre Womack is charged as an adult -- that's why we're releasing his identity -- as he sits in the Pulaski County jail.

Lieutenant Terry Kuykendall with the North Little Rock Police Department says, "The teacher had left just briefly to escort the student that had finished their work back to the classroom, and that's the suspect wandered in and the sexual assault took place."

Then North Little Rock Police say the 18-year-old alleged rape victim, left alone in a small classroom the size of an office for just a few minutes, went to get help. One of the school's two resource officers began looking for the suspect -- 17-year-old Deandre Womack -- who wasn't in his assigned classroom.

Womack didn't get far. Police arrested him at the intersection of 22nd and Main right next to the school.

North Little Rock School District spokesperson Shara Brazear says, "We are very concerned about both students that are involved here."

Brazear has two daughters -- one still in high school in North Little Rock -- and doesn't want parents to worry.

"Not at any time have I ever felt like my girls were not safe in NLRSD,” she says. “I believe it's an isolated incident. It's very unfortunate."

The district does not plan on changing ant policies based on the alleged rape, saying high school students move around campus unattended all of the time.

"It's not like they're elementary age children that need supervision,” Brazear says. “So, there will be children of that age that will be left alone and unattended, if you will, in a classroom or an office."

Womack is in jail with no bond.
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