Students not excited for snow day

Students not excited for snow day

The 4th snow day for the Little Rock School District has some students upset about missing class Wednesday.

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The 4th snow day for the Little Rock School District has some parents and teachers making alternate arrangements, but surprisingly many Parkview High Schoolers are not excited about missing class Wednesday.

A snow day usually means sleeping in, hanging out with friends, and watching movies all day long. That's not the case for some seniors at Parkview. Having already missed 3 days of class this year because of the snow, some students are not pleased with missing any more, and are already stressing about all the work they'll have to catch up on.

Seth Martin and his fellow classmates say they have college essays and applications to work on.

"It's not going to be a day wasted. It's a day I have to get things done. I have to have a productive day."

Kenia Guillry says losing a day will mean crunch time when she gets back to class to cover all the material.

"I'll take this time to catch up so I'm ready to go when we come back."

That pressure is also on AP Chemistry teacher Debbie Rogers.

"It puts a lot of pressure on teachers to really get the information covered when the students aren't here everyday."

Parents, teachers and students stay connected through email to keep track of assignments and grades. Greta Freeman has a daughter in 11th grade and says the pressure to keep up teaches kids to be responsible.

"We always encourage our daughter whether they've covered it in class or not, to read ahead, or go back and review, so if it's on a test, it's not a shock."

But the stress has some students like Endia Johnson worried she won't meet deadlines.

"I need recommendations from my counselors and they're not going to be in their office to do it. They need to have the nice school stationery, and they're not going to be able to do it here."

Tired of snow days, it's unanimous with some students. They'd rather be in class than at home. Other deadlines students are stressing about include college entrance exams this Saturday, a literacy exam March 8th, and scholarship deadlines April 2nd on top of keeping up with regular school tests and exams, means no slacking for seniors.

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