Students return after stranded in Superstorm Sandy

Students return after stranded in Superstorm Sandy

Ten Parkview High School students are finally reunited with their families after spending more than a week in New York waiting out Superstorm Sandy.

It took six extra days and six different flights to get the Parkview debate team back to Little Rock after being stranded in New York City during Superstorm Sandy. Saturday night all ten members are back at home, safe and sound.

Trudy and Jerry Jacobson have waited for days to see their grandson, Charlie, come down the airport escalator.

"We saw where the storm was coming and had no idea exactly where they were," said Jerry.

Charlie is one of ten Parkview High School students who spent the week stranded in New York City waiting out Superstorm Sandy as it swept through the East Coast.

"I know the girls put their mattress up against the windows just in case," said senior Charlie Cohen. "Everything looked like it could fall over at any second."

The students qualified to participate against teams throughout the world in the mock trial championships. Little did they know they'd be spending a few extra days in the city.

"The skies were dark and the wind started going crazy," said senior Raven Cole. "You could hear it in the rooms."

Believe it or not these tough competitors have an extremely quick turnaround. Sunday, the students will gather again to start another competition.

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