First Security Banks Burglarized; Suspects At Large

First Security Banks Burglarized; Suspects At Large

Authorities are searching for several people who broke into two banks in Maumelle and Little Rock and getting away with bags of money.
MAUMELLE, AR- Authorities in Maumelle are searching for the suspects involved in an early morning bank burglary. Police believe these are the same people who stole from another bank not long after hitting the first one.

Maumelle police released surveillance video which show the thieves rummaging through one of the offices inside the bank. Three of them can be seen in the room, bringing in trash cans to carry bags of coins out to their car.

A First Security Bank employee called police around 6am Friday when she arrived at work to discover a lot of damage and money gone.

"A lot of debris scattered around. Some things were torn up inside the bank," said Capt. Jim Hansard, Maumelle Police. "There's an inordinant amount of change, coinage that is missing from that bank and it's an amount that if they went into Kroger's to use one of their machines, it would seem extremely odd."

Detectives now warning stores with Coin Star machines to be on high alert, after finding out the suspects took bags of changes.

The First Security Bank off Highway 10 in Little Rock also burglarized. Maumelle detectives are working closely with Little Rock Police and the FBI to solve the crimes. They believe it's the same people at hand.

"Very similar mode of operation on both of them, similar time frames," said Hansard.

Police don't have a good description of the suspects, except for one. They are looking for 18-year-old Destiny Barns. They believe she facilitated the burglary and need to find her whereabouts as soon as possible.

Police won't tell us how or what time the thieves broke in because it's a part of the investigation. They believe four people were involved, three inside the bank and one sitting in a White Ford Crown Victoria.

If you have any information, call police.
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