Train Hits Car, 4 People Escape With Minor Injuries

Train Hits Car, 4 People Escape With Minor Injuries

4 family members lucky to be alive after a train crashes into their car at a railroad crossing in North Little Rock
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- Four Central Arkansans are able to walk away from what could have been a tragic accident. Their car was hit by an oncoming train off Pike Avenue in North Little Rock around 5pm Friday. Latrease Griffin limped away from the damaged car, after the train crashed into it.

"Am I about to die, what's going to happen? Like, my life flashed in front of me, like it was crazy," said Latrease Griffin, victim.

She said she was with her three cousins as they tried to cross the railroad crossing. Griffin said the car stopped and before they knew it, a train was coming there way.

"I couldn't even imagine. It was going really fast," said Griffin.

Panicked, the four rushed to get out of the car, but Griffin was having difficulties opening the passenger door. It was too late, and she recalls how hard the impact was.

"Like I was standing outside of the car and got hit by the train. That's how hard it hit my car and my car moved and spun around," said Griffin.

Griffin said she is blessed to walk out of her car with minor injuries. Her cousins are doing fine. Right now, she’s questioning why the crossing signal came too late.

"No the signal didn't come down at all until the train was almost to my car,” said Griffin.

All North Little Rock Police said was it appears their car stalled as they were going over the train tracks, and are looking into the accident. We also reached out to Union Pacific Railroad for comment, but are waiting to hear back.

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