Thieves Stealing Guns From Unlocked Cars

Thieves Stealing Guns From Unlocked Cars

North Little Rock police are dealing with a rash of car break-ins, and urge people to lock up their doors and guns after learning thieves are stealing guns from cars.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- Police have their hands full in North Little Rock after seeing a spike in car break-ins over the last few months. Thieves are not only stealing valuables, but guns. Detectives say thieves are finding guns underneath the car seats and glove box. To add some perspective to this, within a 30 day period, 20 guns were stolen. Now police say these guns are on the streets and are possibly being sold to other criminals.

“If anything happened to this little one [my daughter], I don't know what I'd say or do," said James Aulwes, North Little Rock resident.

James Aulwes is worried about his family’s safety, after learning thieves are stealing guns out of cars in his community. He’s even more shocked these guns were stolen from unlocked vehicles.

“Really? I had no idea, I would suggest everyone lock their doors then," said Aulwes.

Most neighbors we spoke with said they keep their cars locked and valuable possessions out of sight.

“I've got a gun safe inside, everything stays locked up, my doors stay locked at all times," said Aulwes.

“I think it's the responsibility of the people to keep their cars locked or once the guns are stolen, it's the people's responsibility on how they use it or don't," said Lauri Bonds, North Little Rock resident.

It’s summer time, school is out and kids are out at night. It’s this demographic police fear is getting a hold of these guns. Sgt Robert Griffin says this can be easily prevented.

“It’s too easy to buy a lock box or to have a lock on your gun or unload it or put it up and get it out of the way," said Sgt. Robert Griffin.

To alleviate the problem, officers are urging everyone to not leave guns inside their car. They also plan to increase patrols in the areas hit hardest. Police said if gun owners have a serial number for their gun, officers can enter it into a national database that way if the gun is located, it will alert law enforcement and they can be able to recover it.

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