Military Vet Does Honor HIke Across America

Military Vet Does Honor HIke Across America

Lance Robinson is honoring men and women in uniform by traveling to 48 state capitols and asking politicians to declare a new day of honor.
LITTLE ROCK, AR- A Vietnam era Marine Veteran is walking thousands of miles to honor men and women in uniform. Lance Robinson is doing the “Honor Hike Across America” alone, pulling a 120 pound cart decorated with our Armed Force’s flags and our nation’s flag.

"It's a very dangerous thing to do, by ones self, across a nation that is so vast. I pull this cart as much as I can," said Lance Robinson, Marine Veteran.

Robinson’s goal is to travel to 48 states and talk to politicians about a new day he’d like Americans to honor.

"Brother to Brother day, September 10th, would recognize all men and women in uniform that dawn the uniform in sacrifice; our military, our police, our firemen, our EMTs, and our veterans,” said Robinson.

The veteran started his journey almost 3 years ago, traveling to 29 state capitols. He made his 30th stop in Little Rock this weekend. Robinson does the same thing as he reaches each state capitol. He says a prayer and then asks politicians to consider his proposal.

"Not all of them are willing to accept that request, so I just carry on," said Robinson.

Carry on he does, even though he admits giving up at times.

"When I meet men and women, they give me the strength I need to keep going and I’m not going to quit. I can't quit on that little boy that came up to me with a letter in his hand, handed it to me and said God Bless you Lance. I can't quit on him. I'm not," said Robinson.

It’s people like these who help Robinson on the road. He solely relies on donations to survive on his long trek, such as food and a place to sleep at night, but he made sure to bring the basics.

"I have at least 5 pairs of shorts, under garments, we have our hygene products, water," said Robinson.

Robinson also has a GPS, so you can track his every step. You can track his journey here

His next stop is Oklahoma City.

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