More than 90 Dogs and Cats Rescued from a White County Home

State Troopers and the Humane Society of the U.S. rescued dozens of dogs and cats living in deplorable conditions.
WHITE COUNTY, AR- More than 90 cats and dogs were rescued from a White County home, after Arkansas State Police got a tip about the animals living in deplorable conditions. Humane officials said police served a search warrant at the house Friday and arrested one person.  Many of the dogs and cats are in urgent need of veterinary care. Authorities found them living in filth and suffering from a lack of basic care.

State Police called the Humane Society of the United States and other national organizations to help with the investigation. Humane Society officials said a number of animals were confined in a trailer, while others were chained outside without shelter or shade. Many animals were also living in feces and filth, with no access to water or food. As a result, some animals are suffering from respiratory problems as well as skin, eye and ear infections. All the animals were removed from the property. They are now at a temporary emergency shelter in Bauxite where they will be examined by a team of veterinarians on Saturday.

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