Suspend Closing Small Schools Bill Fails House

Suspend Closing Small Schools Bill Fails House

Conduct Study for Two Years

A bill fails the House Education Committtee that would have allowed smaller schools to stay open for two years, so a study could be done on the magic 350 enrollment number.

"On behalf of my community the children and parents across our state, I humbly ask of you to do the right thing, vote yes for house bill 1938.”

Michelle Cadle gives emotional testimony to the House Education Committee Tuesday, but it wasn't enough to sway members to vote in favor of allowing a study to be conducted for two years, before closing anymore schools that are below 350 students.

Cadle started friends of Weiner, a group that tried to save its high school, but the State Board of Education voted to shut the school down, because it didn't have enough students.

"Passing of this bill would have been retroactive to January 1st and it would have included our high school 7 thru 12."

The bill was introduced by State Represenative Randy Alexander, he says he's been watching the Weiner case for two years.

"Dr. Kimbrell indicated that they work with schools that are in financial distress and take over their checkbook  for awhile and get them back on their feet, if we can do that with a school with 400 students, why can't we do that with a school that has 340?” said Alexander.

He's suggesting a study be conducted.

"I'm not suggesting at this time that 350 is not the number.  I don't know.  I kind of doubt it because we have a school doing so well, far better than the state average in every category, their financially sound," he adds about Weiner High School.

Alexander says he will present the bill again.

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