Synthetic marijuana sold in Arkansas

Synthetic marijuana sold in Arkansas

A new product claims to have the same effect as marijuana and it's absolutely legal.
There is a new product that claims to have the same effect as marijuana and it's absolutely legal. It’s called "K2." It just arrived in Arkansas and those who sell it can hardly keep it on the shelves.  Since selling the real thing will send you to jail, Mike Gurley has an alternative.

Gurley owns Abby Road in Little Rock and just got a hold of a product that's flying off the shelves. "Everybody, from all over the state, different states come to buy it everyday."
K2, a synthetic marijuana, claims the same effects as the real thing. Only difference, it's legal.  "It's 3 molecules off from marijuana. It has no THC in it. So if you want to smoke it, you don't have to worry about drug screens. You don't have to worry if you're on paper about someone coming to get you and it gives you about the same feeling,” Gurley said.

"It's a new subject to me,” said Little Rock Senator David Johnson.  He is worried about abuse or the potential for harm.  "The harm associated with marijuana has been documented and this drug apparently acts or behaves and causes a response in people very similar to marijuana…I've written a letter to the Department of Health about it to ask him to take a look at it," Johnson said.

"To each his own. This is America; you can do so as long as you want to, as long as it's legal," Gurley added.

As of now, K2 is perfectly legal but the military has already banned the product and the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration says it is a "drug or chemical of concern."
Abby Road says it won’t sell the product to anyone under 18. Already, proposals to make K2 illegal are brewing in Missouri and Kansas and it's banned in much of Europe. The average price for K2 ranges from $20 to $50, similar to the street price of marijuana.

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