Teachers Get Students Excited For Benchmark

Teachers Get Students Excited For Benchmark

Students in grades three through eight are gearing up for the Benchmark exam  beginning Monday.

"We hope the students will, rock the test!" said Susan McClain and Jessica  Scott.

Both are interventionists in math and literacy for Murrell Taylor Elementary  School.

A school that's been classified by the state as a focus school.

"That means our scores are generally lower," said McClain.

They work with teachers and alongside students who may have had trouble with  the state's benchmark test in the past, but McClain and Scott have a different  approach to learning.

They made a youtube.com  video to the tune of Joan Jett's "I love rock n' roll".

Of  course with the lyrics changed to reflect the benchmark exam.

"As an educator I just feel sometimes the fun is just taken out of  education," said Scott.

Doing well on tests these days is more than having your pencils sharpened.  These two believe you have to get student's attention and they work tirelessly  at doing that.

"Testing can be stressful on our students," McClain said. "This just eased  their nerves and calmed them and will help them take the test Monday," added  Scott.

They'll do whatever it takes to see the school's students do well.

"Bridge the achievement gap and get kids where they need to be," said  McClain.

Even if that means donning spandex and pink wigs along the way.

If you would like to see how schools across Arkansas stack up when it comes  to Benchmark exam scores: Click Here

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