Teen saves drowning boy in Benton

A teenager pulled a boy out of a Benton pool saving his life Saturday.
A teenager pulled a boy out of a Benton pool saving his life Saturday.  While 150 people watched at the Longhills Pool, Jordan Combs leapt into action to save a drowning child.  Now, more parents are signing kids up for swim lessons to keep them safe.

"He would go under and come up and hold his breath and he just got out of breath, and when I turned around he was doing the dead man's float," says Combs.

Combs, 17, looked to see if the boy was moving or breathing. He wasn't so he jumped into the water and quickly pulled the boy out.

"Water was just gushing out of his nose and mouth," says Combs.

Combs' supervisor did CPR, and Monday night, the six-year-old is out of the hospital. He visited Combs at the pool earlier Monday to thank him, and signed up for private swim lessons with him.

When asked how it felt to know he saved a life, Combs said, "Really good."

FOX16 asked Combs what he wants to be when he grows up. He wants to save lives, but not people's lives, animals lives. He wants to be a vet.
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