Teenager Gets Shocked by Phone Charger

Teenager Gets Shocked by Phone Charger

A 15-year-old Central Arkansas girl is recovering after she was severely shocked while talking on her cell phone. The girl is suffering from third degree electrical burns she received Saturday night.
"Absolutely scares me," said the father of the girl who both remain anonymous for the girl's safety.

As the father removes bandages traces of scarring on her neck and chest start unraveling.

He added, "This could have easily been a funeral today that we're attending rather than taking the bandages off her burns she got being shocked by an electric chord."

Saturday (2/23) night while on the phone one wrong move changed this girl's life.

"A few seconds later and she could have been dead."

Her copper necklace caught in the prongs of her iPhone charger she had connected to an extension cord in her bed sending. It sent 120 volts coursing through her body and out her hand.

Open air still stings the third and second degree burns on her body.

She spent Saturday night and Sunday in the Burn Center at Children's Hospital for care and monitoring.

"When an electrical current goes through your body it goes through your heart too," said Nikki Spriggs with the Burn Center.

This was something the nurses there have never had walk through their doors.

Spriggs added, "In all these 29 years I have never ever once heard of an electrical injury being caused from a cell phone."

Multiple injuries could be sustained from something like this with the most crucial being possible damage to electrical pathways in the heart.

The hospital says what you can see is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the damage is much deeper than what's evident on the surface.

They hope the amount of burning she suffered won't be enough to require skin graphs.

The family doesn't blame the manufacturer crediting it to be a freak accident but one that will scar her forever.

Her dad remarked, "Something she's gonna have for the rest of her life."

They're just happy 120 volts wasn't enough take this 15-year-old's life.
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