Texarkana Teen Heading Home After Cruise Ship Experience

A Texarkana girl is now on her way home after almost a week onboard Carnival's cruise liner Triumph.
A Texarkana girl is now on her way home after almost a week onboard Carnival's cruise liner Triumph.

18-year-old Ashley Page was on the ship with her mom and grandmother when everything seemed to go wrong.

But what about her family back home?

Ashley's stepmom, Monica Page, says, "You put my 18 year old child in the middle of the ocean in danger, it's scary."

What was supposed to be a fun-filled vacation turned into a parent's worst nightmare.

"My first picture was a huge strawberry margarita, and she says, 'Mama this is for you!'"

"She called us Sunday evening," said her dad Jesse. "She said that they had had a fire in the engine room, they didn't have any power and she was crying. She was a bit upset and she said everything was okay and then her phone went dead."

And after what seemed like days with no word from their daughter, they got a call.

"I just needed to hear, 'Mama I'm okay.'"

"They were starting to have a few problems with no water, no electricity, just supplies in general. I was a little bit worried about her, knowing the ship doesn't have security, and then you start seeing everything that's going on in the news."

Thanks to the signals from nearby ships, Ashley was able to communicate more with her family. And with each phone call and text she was able to send, her parent's worries went away.

"She said the crew was really great to them. There were times when they got bored. She said the biggest problem they had was they didn't have ice on board for drinks and stuff. People were hoarding food in the beginning, but the crew got that stopped and they were able to eat."

Her parents want answers.
"We're responsible for what we do on a daily basis, and they're responsible for what goes on, on a cruise liner."

But they're just happy she's coming home.

"I just want to hold her and not let her go."

This was Ashley's first cruise, and while she'll be getting a cruise credit from Carnival, her family isn't sure if she'll use it.
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