Tornado blows in solicitors to Arkansas town

Tornado blows in solicitors to Arkansas town

Following a tornado in northwest Arkansas this week, solicitors are making their way around town.
Signs from solicitors have flooded the Northwest Arkansas town of Elkins following a recent tornado.

"There are probably 30 or 40 different people roaming around hanging signs," Todd Peterson, an Elkins homeowner said. "It's really annoying, especially they're just prowling up and down the street," David Vice, a homeowner in Elkins added.

Vice now has a pile of flyers from all kinds of repair companies throughout Arkansas.

"I mean they're all from all over, but they're just coming in following the storm around trying to get some work," Vice said.

Work and money: it's an easy and potential scam for folks hit by tragedy and reputable companies know it.

"It happens every year during storms and stuff like that. People do come in that aren't real legit people and take advantage of people," Matt Pruden, owner of Pruden Restoration in Springdale said.

To make sure you're not being scammed, ask for proof of insurance from the company's agent before signing anything.

"That way they know its legit and someones not falsifying insurance papers and handing out something they had at home," Pruden said.

Still not sure about a company? Ask a friend.

"Ask for some references. Anybody who doesn't have anything to hide, they have no problem giving them references," he said.

So before any work is done on your home, have some proof, before they get on your roof.

Cleanup started early Wednesday morning in Elkins, as one man surveyed the tornado damage across his 200 acres.

RT @NWAWeather: Here is the statement from @NWSTulsa on EF-2 tornado near Natural Dam and EF-1 tornado near Elkins on Tuesday.
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