Town Hall Meeting to Fight Youth Incarceration

The National Association of Black in Criminal Justice held a town hall meeting in Little Rock Sunday to talk about ways to combat the re-entry and incarceration rate among youth.

LITTLE ROCK, AR- The National Association of Black in Criminal Justice held a town hall meeting Sunday for community members to discuss ways to crack down on crime. On Sunday, dozens of people packed a town hall meeting in Little rock to address concerns of youth incarceration, reentry and prevention.

"Something is wrong, the system is not working, as it should work," said Leroy James, Retired Pastor.

Retired pastor, Leroy James, says more youth are ending up behind bars. A report released this year showed Arkansas is one of five states that saw an increase in youth confinement. Being at the meeting is important to James, to share his ideas on how we can lead our children down a successful path.

"We've got to find a way to improve the educational system, we've got to find a way to improve the economic system," said James.

These are types of improvements Little Rock residents like Wanda Nelson knows is needed, but says it’s going to take more than just that.

"I would like for our community to wake up. Hear the call, hear the cry, help our incarcerated families," said Wanda Nelson, resident.

People urged parents, churches, even schools to be proactive, by being more involved in children’s lives and providing them with the necessary tools to succeed. They hope this meeting is just a stepping stone to more conversations and solutions to come.

"We all need to join forces, collaborate together and make a change for everyone because it can only make a better state, a better country, a better America," said Nelson.

In addition to community involvement, some people said legislative movement would help bring about change.

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