Toy Gun Scare at Benton Boys and Girls Club

A teenager has been removed from an after-school program in Benton for bringing a toy gun in her bag. A mother tells Fox 16 the girl threatened her daughter with it and shouldn't be allowed back.
BENTON, AR - Carla Norris says her three children will continue to go back to the Benton Boys and Girls Club program only as long as the girl that she says threatened her 12-year-old daughter with a gun doesn't return.

"It's scary knowing that they would play like that," she says, referring to the incident that took place Sept. 24.

Norris' daughter tells her it started when an older student at the Benton Boy's and Girl's Club was letting her see the gun.

"She showed my daughter a gun in her backpack," but that wasn't the end of it she said. "She showed her the gun again and told my daughter, 'Get on your knees before I shoot you.'"

Boys and Girls Club of Saline County Executive Director Jasen Kelly says they called authorities after word got out the girl had a gun in her bag.

"We take those matters really seriously," Kelly said. "Immediately, we seized the backpack and grabbed the gun then immediately called the Benton Police Department."

It turns out, however, it was only a toy gun; an air-soft gun that shoots pellets. According to the Benton Police Department, when they asked if the juvenile pointed the toy at or threatened anyone with it, they were told no.

Either way, the Boy's and Girl's Club says the juvenile is no longer a member until further notice.

"With the time and days that we are now, with Sandyhook incidents, that's very serious and our top priority is our club member's safety," Kelly added.

While relieved it was only a toy, Norris also says it doesn't matter.

"If it were fake or if it were real, it's still a scary situation to be placed in," Norris said.

For safety's sake, she hopes the student is kept away.

"If she's able to come back to the Boy's club, I probably would not let any of my kids go back," she remarked.

She says she's always been happy with the program but hopes this isn't allowed to happen again.
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