Travelers Mascot Retires; New Mascots Trying Out

Travelers Mascot Retires; New Mascots Trying Out

After 17 years, the Travelers' famed mascot Shelly retired this Labor Day weekend. Not the search is on for a new mascot.
NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR- After 17 years, the Travelers' beloved mascot gives his final farewell this Labor Day weekend. Shelly the horse retired on Saturday with a huge party at the ball park. The retirement comes just before the Travelers played their last game of the regular season Monday.

"I miss her!" said Nancy Mixon, Travelers fan.

"Well it makes me really sad. That's one reason why we come to the park, is for the kids to enjoy seeing Shelly," said Rebecca Wilson, Travelers fan.

Shelly clearly left a big impact on Travelers fans. Even a couple days later, kids were looking for their favorite horse. Shelly was the team's first mascot, but after 17 years, Officials said it was time for him to make his last home run.

"Shelly's excited to take a vacation. As of Saturday night, he jumped in the car and went down to Dustin Florida to spend a little time on the beach," said Paul Allen, Travelers General Manager.

While Shelly's enjoying retirement and resting his legs, the Travs is wasting no time in finding their next mascot. A couple of cows, a bear, chicken, box and others came to the ball park this weekend trying to win over fans.

"We put them through the ringer a little bit. They had a mascot race," said Allen.

So far, people are warming up to the idea. While many would like to see Shelly back, some are thinking of other mascots to fill the role.

"Shelly would be nice, but a hog?" said Mixon.

"A cow would be great. Or a dog, something that isn't scary," suggested Wilson.

In the end, Travs Officials said it was just time for Shelly to retire and rest his legs.
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