Truckload of 'We Love You Moore'

Truckload of 'We Love You Moore'

Local elementary students make care packages for the children affected by the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Kids affected by last month's Moore, Oklahoma tornado will be feeling the love from Little Rock.

About a dozen local schools came together to make a very special delivery.

The students of Don Roberts Elementary School came up with the idea to send the Moore, Oklahoma children care packages.

And as word got around about their plan, more people wanted to help.

Today students, staff and parents packed up a U-Haul with summer care packages that included things like toys, paper, crayons and markers.

After Roberts Elementary students saw the tornado damage on TV they decided to put together a project to help.

So, they brought in items to make the summer packages and sent out letters to other schools in the district who pitched in too.

Patty Snipes said, "They look at these bags and think if this happened to me, these are some of the things I would like done for me."

Early Monday morning, McDermott principal Scott Morgan will drive the U-Haul followed by a small caravan of other people planning to spread the love in Moore.

Student Jed Newton said, "I think they will love it and be so thankful that we did this for them."

The delivery will be made tomorrow morning.

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