Two Bodies Found In Hot Spring County

Two Bodies Found In Hot Spring County

Two teen boys found the bodies of a man and woman on Friday afternoon
HOT SPRING COUNTY, AR -- A man and woman were found dead in Hot Spring County.

Now, investigators are trying to identify them.

Friday afternoon two teen boys -- driving a truck -- came across the bodies off a dirt road on Spot Efird Road.

They went home to tell their dad and he called 911.

Detective Jeremy Bennett said, "There's two spots up here where you can still see red and this would be blood stains from the bodies."

He pointed to where he saw the bodies of a man and woman in their 40's.

The man and woman were each shot in the head and detectives found a gun near the bodies.

They haven't identified the victims yet but believe they're from the area.

Detective Bennett said, "We're checking the missing persons list in Arkansas. We haven't had any local people reported missing."

Investigators found a car nearby too with alcohol inside, but wouldn't say much more than that.

The investigation also led detectives to a home on Grant Street.

Bennett would only say they got a search warrant for the home.

There are no suspects in this case.

Detectives sent evidence to the state crime lab and expect to get results in a couple weeks.


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