Two dead after violent weekend in Pine Bluff

A violent weekend in Pine Bluff ended with four people behind bars after the city's second homicide in just three days
A violent weekend in Pine Bluff ended with four people behind bars after the city's second homicide in just three days. Sunday, police arrested these four men. They’re accused of shooting and killing a man early Sunday morning and sending another to the hospital in critical condition.

A fight started at a private party inside the Sahara Temple and then shots were fired outside. Police found the body of Stephon Martin, 18, and a 17 year old who was hurt in a car in the back of the building with the driver's side window shot out. Police are saying the motive is an on going rift between two groups.

Police are also still looking for a killer who gun downed a man Friday night. That shooting happened at a motorcycle clubhouse on Barraque Street.

Right now Pine Bluff police don't have a motive or a suspect in the shooting death of Frank Fields Junior. Family members spoke to FOX16 about what happened. Andrew Ellis looks at the bullet holes from the weapon that killed his brother in law. "This is absurd, crazy and something that shouldn't have happened," says Ellis.

It happened after someone knocked on the door of this private motorcycle club on Barraque Street and shot 57-year-old Fields to death.

“One of the people went to answer the door, looked out the window, looked out the door and they didn't see anybody,” explains Lt. Bob Rawlinson, Pine Bluff Police Department. When Fields shut the door, that's when police say the shooter fired several shots through the door and window. Police tell us Fields died after being shot in the back.

“This was unbelievable for one, unconceivable for two and it just took me off my feet. It's devastating," says Ellis.

“We consider him to be armed and dangerous because he shot through a window into a crowded room and there was the potential for several more people being hit,” says Rawlinson.

"We're just hoping the killer who's out there now will be brought to justice," says Ellis.

There is a reward being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of this suspect. Call Pine Bluff Police 870-543-5110. All calls are kept confidential.
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