UALR Employee Attacked Near Campus

UALR Employee Attacked Near Campus

A UALR employee is attacked near campus but the criminals never try to rob him.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Tonight a University of Arkansas Little Rock employee talked to FOX 16 about being attacked near campus.
The employee tells us the attack came out of nowhere after he parked his car on 32nd and University.

He also says it happened in broad daylight around 10:00 Tuesday morning.

A group of guys jumped the UALR employee on his way to work.

The victim said, "I just walked past them and the next thing I know I was being attacked from behind."

The victim says the men took several swings at the back of his head and busted his lip.

He said, "I know it's going to sound odd but the most strong sense I remember feeling is the profound sense of sadness."

The police report states the suspects jumped the man for no reason.

The victim says he even carried a backpack, with valuable items inside, but no one tried to steal anything from him.

The victim said, "I hesitate to say they enjoyed what they were doing. But, they were certainly laughing when they were doing it."

After the assault, the victim says the suspects took off towards a nearby church.

A woman who saw what happened came to help and dialed 911.

When police arrived, the UALR employee gave them a description of three of the suspects he saw.

The victim says he also went to the police department today to take a look at some possible suspects.

Police are still investigating the case.

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