UALR Gives Unique Safety Advice

UALR Gives Unique Safety Advice

UALR gives tips to help prevent violence on campus
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- Police are still investigating the assault of a University of Arkansas Little Rock employee near campus this week..
There are no arrests in this case yet.

So, the campus' public safety office is passing on a unique tip they say could help prevent future attacks.

In a recent email from the school's department of public safety, one suggested safety tip was to glance or nod at a potential attacker.

By doing this, it shows you're paying attention and you know what's going on around you.

Which, according to safety experts, could help to knock you off the "easy target" list.

One UALR student said this concept makes more sense than just trying to run away or doing nothing at all.

Bill Wilkins said, "I think if you let a person know that they're going to have a problem because he's in your face now anyway, so you might as well stand your ground. "

Some other tips include going to a crime prevention presentation or workshop and park on campus and use the trolley service to get to class.

Some students however have been blogging and commenting about student safety.

They say these tips wouldn't be needed if students could carry a concealed weapon on campus.

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