UALR Lady Trojans to face Delaware in NCAA tournament

The UALR Lady Trojans are set to face Delaware as a number 14 seed in the NCAA tournament Sunday.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Trojan faithful packed the stadium tonight watching and waiting in anticipation to see where the team will ultimately travel if it wins the first two rounds -- and i found the ultimate fan to watch the selection show with.

"We're hoping we get the Des Moines region because Des Moines is only 9 1/2 hours away from us," UALR fan Elaine Landrum said.

Ultimate Lady Trojan fan Elaine Landrum only missed one game this year.

Region by region was revealed -- and Landrum and her husband figured out that they were right about Iowa.

But before they find out for sure, they had to sit through another commercial break. Then finally - they got the news they've been waiting for.

"Where's Delaware ranked. They're 3. They're 3," Landrum said.

Now Landrum will make it her mission to have a sell out crowd here Sunday and Tuesday.

"I want standing room only. And, they'll be at the back of the front door," Landrum said. "What a golden opportunity... what we're made of here."

So was all of the nervous anticipation worth it?

“Nervewracking, but I was thankful we weren't playing Baylor first,” Landrum said. “Probably by midnight, my husband will have reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn, 5 tenths of a mile from the gym."

If you want tickets, you'd better move fast. Price is set at $50 dollars for the three games -- $40 if you don't mind bleacher seats.
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