UALR students meet to discuss safety

UALR students meet to discuss safety

In the wake of Patricia Guardado's murder, it's an eerie mood on the University of Arkansas Little Rock.
LITTLE ROCK, AR -- It's an eerie mood on the University of Arkansas Little Rock's campus. 

Because no one knows who dumped Patricia Guardado's body in this pond, a killer is still on the loose.  It brings up safety concerns for these students who wonder if school officials could do more.

"It takes the blink of a microsecond for something to happen and something that can look as normal as can be just the opposite," said Regina Osburn, a student.

Osburn wants more cameras and more lighting on and around campus. Most of all, she'd like to see more campus police officers out.

"They want to catch people smoking or doing other minute things compared to safety things like students getting back and forth to class," said Osburn.

Jessica Johnson says it's still too early to point the finger at anyone because so much is unknown.

"Blaming our campus security for this horrific act is like blaming every person who parked in that parking lot last Wednesday for not seeing something, doing something, or not noticing something," said Johnson.

Lanna Cauley-Jones helped organize this meeting. She wrote down the issues these students brought up and plans to take them to school leaders.

"I know they have to work with what they're given so we just want to work with them to make sure they have the tools they need," said Jones.

UALR Chancellor Joel Anderson will meet with students Thursday at 10 a.m. in University Theater.

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