UCA Takes Aggressive Approach Protecting Students

Within seconds of the NIU shooting, an email went out warning students and staff at that a gunman was on campus. UCA has a similar system and is prepared to use it to protect students.
Within seconds of the shooting, an email went out warning students and staff at NIU that a gunman was on campus.

"If something should happen, we immediately, within seconds, notify every faculty, staff member that we are going on lock down," said Lu Hardin, President of UCA.

In the next few months, all 12,650 students will receive the same emergency notification on their phones and on their computers.

Senior Ben May hopes the immediate alert system is never needed, but he's glad UCA is prepared. "The text message, I know almost everyone has a phone, if you get the text message then you're better off. You will know immediately and you can protect yourself."

Another security feature that UCA has in place is 25 police officers. These are not security guards, but 25 actual, full-time police officers. The officers have orders to react within seconds.

"Our approach at UCA is aggressive. Officers will not wait, they'll go in with full force. If there is a tragedy like Columbine or Virginia Tech, UCA is ready," said Lu Hardin.

"I am glad they have it. I hope it helps.  I hope it never happens but if it does it should protect us," said Ben May.

Just like it did, during the recent tornado. UCA’S Emergency Alert System isn't just sent out one time, but instead several times, just in case someone isn't near their phone or computer.  If a person doesn't answer their phone, the system will automatically leave a voice mail message.
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