UPDATE: Dogs caught in fire during home invasion

Deputies say two dogs are in critical condition after they were caught in a fire during an early morning home invasion.
The scene where two dogs were trapped inside a home during a fire Friday morning
The scene where two dogs were trapped inside a home during a fire Friday morning
PULASKI COUNTY, AR – "They feel and look like I put them in an oven," said Jeff Foley. In fact, Foley's whole kitchen looks a little like the inside of an oven right now, but he's talking about his dogs.

"It was unreal," he described. "I've seen my dogs look like the victims that I've, at the Gulf War, charred like pieces of, it's just, there's no words for it."

Foley told investigators that someone came into his home through an unlocked back door around two o'clock Friday morning, covered the kitchen and two of his eight dogs in gasoline, and then lit the place on fire. Foley's son told deputies he saw a man leaving, but couldn't give a description except that the man appeared to be about six-feet-tall and 200-pounds.

"It is a crime that's very out of the ordinary," said Lt. Carl Minden of the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office. "An extremely rare case, something you just don't see every day."

Deputies have no suspects at this time, but Foley thinks he knows who's responsible. We're not releasing that person's name though because at this time he isn't charged with a crime.

"The most cowardly act known to man is to try to burn a family and intentionally burn my dogs," said Foley. "That would hurt me. So this, to me, is personal."

All eight of Foley's dogs were taken to the Doubletree Veterinary Clinic in Little Rock. Foley thinks two of them will have to be put down while the other five are expected to recover. Deputies estimate that the fire caused about $15,000 damage to Foley's home.
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