UPDATE: Former UCA Chief of Staff turns himself in

UPDATE: Former UCA Chief of Staff turns himself in

Former UCA Chief of Staff Jack Gillean turned himself in at the Faulkner County Jail Wednesday morning.
CONWAY, AR - Former University of Central Arkansas Chief of Staff Jack Gillean turned himself in to Faulkner County authorities Wednesday.

Gillean, who referred all questions to his attorney, is accused of giving U.C.A. student Cameron Stark keys to university buildings so Stark could steal exams from his professors.

"Of course Mr. Gillean professes his innocence," said Gillean's attorney, Nicki Nicolo. "He is innocent of this crime."

In front of the Faulkner County Jail, Nicolo called Stark the prosecution's "star witness," and according to her, Stark has credibility issues.

"Specifically all of those things will come to light in the future," she said, "but at this point that's what we're willing to put forward, so do some little digging. I'm sure you'll figure it out."

After Gillean walked into jail, we did do some digging. According to Faulkner County's Circuit and District Court Clerks, Stark has faced five criminal charges in Faulkner County since 2007. Three were dismissed. Stark pleaded guilty to the other two -- public intoxication and drinking in public, both misdemeanors.

We also asked Prosecuting Attorney Cody Hiland what Nicolo could be referring to.

"She's gonna get the full discovery packet in the next couple of weeks," explained Hiland. In other words, Hiland is saying Nicolo and Gillean haven't seen all of the evidence yet.

"We will see as the facts of this case develop," countered Nicolo, "who is actually telling the truth and who is lying."

Prosecutors granted Stark immunity in exchange for his testimony against Gillean.

In addition to three felony counts of commercial burglary, Gillean also faces one felony count of fraudulent insurance acts and one misdemeanor count of issuing a false financial statement. Hiland says more charges in the case are possible.
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