UPDATE: Man found shot to death in Little Rock, man arrested

Little Rock police have arrested a man in connection with the shooting death of Edmar Higgins who was found in a vacant lot Thursday night.
LITTLE ROCK, AR - Little Rock police have arrested Marcus Bledsoe, of Little Rock, in the shooting death of Edmar Higgins, 32, who was found in a vacant lot Thursday night.

Bledsoe was arrested about an hour after the shooting happened on Maple Street.  According to police, they had questioned Bledsoe at the scene of the shooting.  He was then taken in for questioning and was later arrested for shooting Higgins.

Police responded to the corner of 20th Street, otherwise known as Charles Bussey, and Maple Street around 6:30pm to reports of multiple gun shots fired in the area.

Subsequent callers told police they saw a body in a vacant lot near some homes in that area. When policed arrived on the scene, officers discovered Higgins who died from an apparent gun shot wound to his chest.

Police cordoned off about two blocks to contain the crime scene and prevent any contamination of evidence.

Police don't know what led up to the shooting, but witnesses say ,they heard an argument just before gun shots were fired.  Police say the only motive they have for the shooting is that Bledsoe and Higgins got into a fight.

Officer Michelle Hills, of Little Rock Police Department, tells FOX16 that Bledsoe has been charged with Murder in the 1st Degree.

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