UPDATE: New arrests likely from bizarre drug bust

UPDATE: New arrests likely from bizarre drug bust

White County narcotics detectives expect more arrests stemming from a domino effect drug bust on Tuesday.
White County narcotics detectives expect more arrests stemming from a domino effect drug bust on Tuesday.

Sheriff's officials say two men arrested late Tuesday are now offering information about several stolen ATV's in White and Independence county.  Chief Deputy Jeremy Clark says recovering the property will likely lead to additional charges.

"One of the surrounding areas could benefit from that one anonymous tip that came in," Clark said Wednesday.

Detectives arrested three of eight suspected low level drug traffickers in the parking lot of a large grocery store on Tuesday.  Clark says those locations highlight the risks that addicts are willing to take to either buy or sell methamphetamine.

"It's a very dangerous situation, it's very scary," Clark says. "You get to where you care about nothing other than the little white powder, you're a dangerous individual to me, you're like a walking train wreck."

Woman arrested trying to sell drugs in sheriff's parking lot

A woman caught trying to sell methamphetamine in the parking lot of the White County Sheriff’s Department starts a domino effect of arrests of at least seven more Tuesday.  Detectives say each of the suspects either had or tried to sell crystal meth throughout White County.  None of the arrests would have happened without an unbelievable break investigators got Tuesday.

A veteran officer of narcotics tells FOX16 News, he has never seen a case develop like this one.  "We have a gray Chevy truck that's going to have two guys in it," an undercover White County detective says.

The detectives were set up in an unmarked vehicle waiting for a drug buy.  A man in a tan jacket walked up to another vehicle. Detectives say he was selling methamphetamine to an undercover White County officer.

Detective says: "We going to get high?"  Informant says: "Yeah, we're going to get high."

That's the signal the buy is done, now comes the bust. 

"Sheriff's office, let me see your hands, let me see your hands, put your car in park, sheriff's office," the undercover officer says.

Jimmy Looney, 29, of Searcy was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance methamphetamine.  Heath Douglas, 41, of Judsonia and Jeremy Malner, 30 of Searcy were arrested for conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.  All three were taken down in the parking lot at Wal-Mart in Searcy.

"What did you do Jimmy?” one of the men shouts as he’s being handcuffed.

Police say the men should be asking Lakesha Laire that question.

The day started for detectives when they received an anonymous tip that Laire, 21, was trying to sell drugs in the parking lot, the parking lot of the sheriff's department.

“It blows my mind actually because this is the last place you'd expect to find somebody selling anything illegal," says Captain Clayton Edwards with the White County Sheriff’s Department.

Detectives searched Laire and found ¼ gram of meth.  Her cell phone kept ringing and when officers answered, another drug buy fell into their lap.  That led to the arrest of David Swan, 47 of Searcy and Michelle Davis of Batesville at a drug buy location in rural White County

The sheriff's department says the two sold undercover cops 2.2 grams of ice.  It could land each a 10 year prison sentence.

“We take one down, they roll on another one, take that one down and they roll on the next one and it just keeps going and going," Edwards says.

And that's how officers got to the three men in the superstore parking lot.  But detectives say none of it would have happened without Laire.

"Let's just say she makes our job easier," Edwards says.

But not shorter; the dominos kept falling Tuesday evening.  Dennis Barber, 32 of Bald Knob and Michael Cullum, 33 of Judsonia were arrested for delivering meth late Tuesday evening, bringing the arrest total to eight.
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