UPDATE: Operation Hide and Seek

UPDATE: Operation Hide and Seek

Lonoke County Sheriff's investigators give more details about Operation Hide and Seek.
LONOKE COUNTY, AR -- A Lonoke County sweep - exposed dozens of sex offenders over the weekend - in an operation called "Hide and Seek".

During the operation, local and federal agencies focused on level three and four sex offenders.

These are men already convicted of sex crimes and even after prison time and counseling, some of them can't seem to stop offending.

Robert Bridges walks his 12-year-old son to the bus stop everyday in Cabot.

It's the same bus stop Lonoke County investigators say 39-year-old Michael White went to, so he could check out children.

The say he even made paths to different bus stops and hid out, watching kids.

This weekend, he was charged with 2nd degree stalking.

White was convicted of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl and 17-year-old boy many years ago.

But, even after ten years behind bars, investigators say he's back to his old patterns.

It's something that outrages Bridges.

He said, "They slap them on the wrist instead of doing what they should be doing."

But, Dr. Jeffrey Walker -- Chair of the Criminal Justice Department at UALR -- says only about 2% of sex offenders re-offend.

While they may have other charges on their records, like theft or possession of drugs, Dr. Walker says rarely do they commit another sex crime.

But the ones who do, he says, have a difficult time breaking the habit.

Dr. Walker said, "When you think about addiction like drug addiction, alcohol addiction, you stay addicted the rest of your life. You just learn how to control it. This is the same thing we're talking about."

Since it continues to happen though, the Lonoke County Sheriff continues to pledge he'll put re-offenders behind bars giving parents, like Bridges, a sense of security.

Bridges said, "Why put a kid at risk? At first they say they have rights, but the kids have rights too, but they have been taken away."

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