UPDATE: PCSSD: Student Killed Rabbit; NLR Police Investigate

UPDATE: PCSSD: Student Killed Rabbit; NLR Police Investigate

Rabbit's name was Brownie.
UPDATE: North Little Rock Police say they don't have enough evidence to pursue charges against anyone. The case is now closed. School administrators say the believe a student killed the rabbit, but they can not identify any suspects.

LITTLE ROCK, AR--  Pulaski County Special School District leaders confirm a student killed a rabbit at Crystal Hill Elementary. The incident happened March 14.
The North Little Rock Police report states leaders found the rabbit in its pen, dead, and missing its head.  It also says the investigator took a small piece of metal with blood on it into evidence.

The incident upset students like Gavin Putnam.

"I was kind of shocked at first. I didn't know what happened. I got kind of scared," said Putnam.

School leaders are now keeping a close eye on the garden, because they realize it means so much to the students.

"That's a place I can keep my thoughts to myself. I can let stuff out and pretty much do whatever," said Putnam.

Leaders could not say what disciplinary action will be taken against the student. North Little Rock Police are now investigating.

Animal control took the animal's remains.
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